Bike Clubs

Cycles of Change began in 1998 at Roosevelt Middle School as an after-school bicycle adventures and earn-a-bike program. The intention was (and still is!) to improve the health and sustainability of our neighborhoods by increasing the use of bicycles as transportation, making valuable connections to each other and our environment, and building a diverse community of visionary young leaders. Our after-school Bike Club programs offer opportunities for student participants at Oakland and other East Bay schools to learn bicycle mechanics, earn-a-bike, and learn safe riding skills while going on local, pedal-powered adventures.

In the 2015-2016 school year, Cycles of Change is currently operating after-school Bike Clubs at these schools in the East Bay:

Past Schools:

  • CCPA Middle & High School, Oakland
  • Edna Brewer Middle School, Oakland
  • Frick Middle School, Oakland
  • Roosevelt Middle School, Oakland
  • Roots International Academy
  • San Lorenzo High School