mission & values


Cycles of Change creates healthier East Bay communities by helping youth and adults gain tools for more environmentally and economically sustainable living through school-based bicycle education, job training, watershed education, and community earn-a-bike programs. By exploring our neighborhoods and beyond on bicycles, we are more connected to the people and the land that sustain us.

Cycles of Change is committed to influencing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We ask our community to take a stand against greenhouse gas emissions, not only to combat climate change, but to also combat environmental racism, understanding the effects of which disproportionately impact communities of color.  


Community integrity (interconnectedness and responsibility)

In all of our relationships, we strive to live by community agreements; Cycles’ community agreements are: We are all teachers and students; we celebrate diversity in all forms; we honor and respect the present, past, and future; we are guided and inspired by love; we are guardians of each others’ peace and well-being.

Social justice and economic equity

We aim to promote economic equity and social justice through fulfilling, valued employment and the distribution or affordable sale of needed resources. Our intent is that the value of our work is recognized by the larger community. Our goal is that all staff are secure in their monetary and non-monetary needs, and have opportunities for personal growth and creative engagement in their work. Our policy is to promote strong community linkages through local hiring, and ensure that youth from local schools are prioritized for job opportunities and given needed support.

Ecological stewardship

A primary intent of our programs is to help East Bay residents develop a closer relationship with the living world through direct experience with the unique ecological systems of the place where we live. The depth of understanding that grows from direct personal experience lays the groundwork for cultivating a lifelong appreciation of and sense of responsibility for these sacred, essential systems.

Inter-generational and cross-cultural understanding

Cycles programs act to strengthen our community by creating links across generations and between diverse populations; we employ practices of non-violent communication that will create an environment of mutual respect, allowing youth to enter into meaningful new relationships with diverse peers and elders.

Practical education

Cycles programs introduce participants to ideas, skills, and resources that will help them to develop their unique creativity, work towards their personal goals, build on both strengths and weaknesses, and make lifelong contributions to the world. We provide guided opportunities for youth to gain essential life experiences and overcome difficult challenges, leading to self-confidence, self-understanding, trust in others, personal growth, and belief in a positive future. Cycles programs connect youth and adults with the wealth of cultural and ecological resources in their local area.

Community Service

Cycles engages youth and adults in service projects that contribute towards a shared purpose and bring about a sense of belonging to a larger community.

Strategic Goals

  • To establish bicycle transportation/education programs at school sites and community centers in targeted neighborhoods around the East Bay.
  • To establish gardening/nutrition education programs at schools and community centers in targeted neighborhoods around the East Bay.
  • To promote public policies and community-based partnerships that will facilitate the development of Cycles programs in East Bay neighborhoods.
  • To develop work opportunities that provide needed resources to community members while creating a positive impact on ecological systems.
  • To further the growth of a network of visionary leaders, linking community members employed in implementing Cycles programs with the many local and global organizations working towards a shared mission.
  • To develop an organization whose practices reflect our community agreements and whose actions bring forth the intentions of our mission, vision, and goals in a manner consistent with our organizational values.