Here you will find documents how to start a program, funding, rides, maps, etc.

Guide to Starting a Bay Area Bicycle Education Program and Beyond

by Cycles of Change Staff: Grey Kolevzon, Barry Luck and Mario Rosero.

A key component of our strategy was to develop two written manuals to document our practices. The first is a Site Manual that explains to staff and volunteers how to operate the after school bicycle education programs at the various East Bay sites; it can also act as a template that, with slight modifications, can be used as a training manual at any new site. The second, a Program Guidebook, fully describes how to set up new Cycles programs, outlining both a replicable basic program structure as well as addressing the multiple possibilities inherent to a variety of site situations. The material in the Site Operations manual and the Guidebook draws from the extensive experience embodied in our Oakland programs as well as the two years of developing new programs in other Bay Area communities. Our hope is that these documents will be an invaluable resource for inspiring, supporting, and guiding the creation of new bicycle education programs while helping to ensure the continued viability of the existing programs.

Download Guide to Starting a Bicycle Education Program in Alameda County and Beyond (pdf file, 4.5MB),. It is ready for publishing. This is the final version, it contains how to start a bicycle educational program, resources, all the maps for bike rides in the Bay Area and more. Updated on Sep 5th, 2007

One Revolution at A Time: A guide to starting and running youth bike ride clubs

This colorfully illustrated 48 page manual explains how to organize youth cycling trips, especially in urban envrionments. It includes information on how leaders should prepare for rides, train youth participants, handle group dynamics & situations that may arise during a bike trip.

Written by: Karen Overton and Audrey Warren
Design And layout by: Caren Cohen
Funded & Published by: Bike New York in 2002
Illustration by: Terence Rabaza

Download One Revolution at a Time, A Guide to Starting and Running Youth Bike Program V1 (pdf file),

To obtain a printed copy for Free go to Recycle-a-Bicycle

Bike not Bombs: Earn-A-Bike Instructor Training Bike Mechanic Manual

The lesson plans in this manual are designed as technical aids to guide the teaching of adults and older teens who are being trained to become volunteer Earn-A-Bike instructors. The lesson plans cover a wide variety of subjects from riding a bike safely in the city to how to true wheels. In the course of teaching this content, each lesson also demonstrates the teaching methodology we use with young people in Earn-A-Bike.

Download Earn-A-Bike Instructor Training Bike Mechanic Manual

For more information about their program go to Bike not Bombs

Bike not bombs resources page

Bikes Not Bombs Youth Programs Safety Video

Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally and Safely

This compact tutorial, available as a 46-page booklet and this online version, will increase your safety and confidence while bicycling on any road, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You’ll have more fun and feel better about riding, be it for pleasure, fitness or transportation.

This manual teaches safe bicycling techniques on public roads and streets, but it’s up to you to apply them appropriately.

To read the Bicycling Street Smarts tutorial online

Cycles of Change brochure

Download Cycles of Change Brochure High resolution for printing V5 (pdf file), updated on Dec 13th, 2016
h4. Tools for Life: A Start-Up Guide for Youth Recycling & Bicycling Programs.

If you are looking for Cycles of Change Brochure low resolution V5 (pdf file),

Tools for Life

Tools for Life is a guide in how to teach kids bicycle mechanics, give them the skills to build their skill. To read the Tools for Life guide you can Download ready to print version (pdf file),.

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